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Connecting real estate consumers and business owners with a cornucopia of principles, practices, ideas and information, known as TIPS Messages For Success...

Success happens, not by accident, default or wishing; but on purpose when we gain the knowledge to plan for it by planning on it!

We appreciate this opportunity to help with your Success through our Home & Living - Business & Career TIPS Messages For Success!

The Highest Aim for 2010!

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"Success is not something you find at the end of the road.
You find it as you travel, all along your road."

Franqois Garagnon

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We pledge to critique our TIPS, services and values by keeping the learning needs of home consumers and homepreneurs as the cornerstone of our business model!

Powertude™ embodies an attitude of determination seen by the woman's profile and the strength in the strong arm of a man fused with the energy and tools needed to believe in the Strength of I AM!

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