12 Rules - Life Is A Battlefield...

12 Rules For Being Human...

Life is a battlefield...OK recruit, in case you were wondering if there are rules for being human...there are. There are twelve of them in fact.

This is your drill instructor speaking: You want to get out of the battlefield alive, recruit?

Then - for your own safety - it is best not to leave home without them!

They will help you get through the jungle better known as your life here on Earth.


The truth is you have been drafted. So, recruits snap to attention and listen up.

Because here they are: learn them, love them, live them...if you want to survive!" So pay attention, you lazy boneheads, because I will not be repeating them!

#1: You Will Receive A Body...

Here are the rules for spiritual beings having a human experience...

...Listen up, recruit: your body is your vehicle for exploring this Earth. You are only issued one for each lifetime.

You may love your body or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire time you are here this time around.

Your body is operated by your mind and they have their own set of rules.

#2: You Will Receive A Mind

...Listen up, recruit: your mind is your vehicle for understanding this Earth. You are only issued one for each lifetime. Your mind will try to be your master but it is supposed to be your servant.

So, recruit, master your mind by controlling your thoughts for it is these same thoughts that create your life obstacle course.

#3: You Will Learn Lessons

Congratulations, you have now entered the jungle called Earth.

Your mission - whether you accept it or not - is to get through Basic Training and advance as far in the ranks as you can.

Each day you are in this boot camp, recruit, you will learn lessons. You may like the lesson or hate them. You may get along with the drill instructor or spend all your time on report.

You may think the lessons are stupid, useless, pointless, trivial...but you signed on, So suck it up, recruit!

#4: Spirit Will Drive You By Emotions And Illness

That's right, recruit. There is no way that you can avoid the obstacle course. Your commanding officer, your Spirit, has laid booby traps hidden all along the obstacle course.

You might know them better as "emotions" (energy in motion) and "illness" (body and mind diseases and disorders).

#5: There Are No Mistakes: Only Lessons & Experience

You will screw up your training, recruit. Nobody gets it right the first time, or the second time, or the third. Just keep at it.

You will learn as much from your "snafus" as from your successes. And all obstacles will eventually be overcome.

#6: A Lesson Failed is Repeated Until Learned

Our drill instructors here on Earth will show you no mercy. You will repeat your lessons again and again in various forms until you have learned them.

Our drill instructors are tough but they are fair (and they love giving out push ups).

#7: Learning Never Ends No Matter What You Learn

Face it, recruit. You will move onto tougher and tougher lessons and instructors. Those are the "rules of engagement".

And this is not a drill!

#8: You Are Perfect: "There" Is No Better Than "Here"

Our drill instructors have been through the program too. They have heard every excuse, know every dodge, and have memorized every trick in the book.

Right now, they have put you where you need to be: even if it is cleaning latrines!

#9: Others Are Merely Mirrors Of Yourself

...What you love or hate about your officers, drill instructors, and fellow recruits is really what you love or hate about yourself.

Here's a tip, recruit: try loving yourself more and you will avoid lots of booby traps!

#10: What You Make Of Your Life Is Totally Up To You

...We have issued you all the gear you will need for this boot camp. Everyone gets the same gear, so no grousing. What you do with it is totally up to you.

#11: All Your Answers Lie Within You...

Your officers and drill instructors are here to help you (really!). They may be from the government but they are here to help you.

No "trivial" requests please.

#12: You Agreed Before You Came To Forget All This

...Well recruit, you signed the paperwork before you came. No use complaining now - you agreed to everything.

So suck it up, really hard!

Credits: adapted from "Rules For Being Human" by Anonymous and channeled information.

Belief in the Strength of I AM!

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