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Most people who do not have access to legal counsel will simply accept their circumstances, bitch about it and go on.

In many cases, and for most people, it's not about whether we will absolutely have to have an attorney. It's more about whether having an attorney could make a difference through empowering us to make better decisions and resolve conflicts.

PROTECT Your Family

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Membership Advantage #1

You have many rights as an American citizen today. Pre-Paid Legal can show you how to protect your legal rights at a low cost. With Pre-Paid Legal, you can prepay your most common legal needs, much like you prepay your medical needs.

It is important to know and

exercise your legal rights as an American citizen...

Membership Advantage #2

What can you buy for less than a dollar a day? Maybe a newspaper or cup of coffee? What about an entire day's worth of legal rights protection? With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, our members have access to a nationwide network of quality attorneys.

Membership Advantage #3

With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, you won't worry about the cost of legal help because our membership helps you pay for the legal services you need most. It's the sensible way to handle your legal matters. Shouldn't you know more???

Membership Advantage #4

Do your daily decisions leave you worried and frustrated? With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, we can help ease some of those worries. As a part of the membership, you have access to quality lawyers for legal advice and services.

Membership Advantage #5

What do you get when you're a Pre-Paid Legal Member? Confidence in your daily decisions. Peace of mind with your personal affairs. Security for your family. Protection of your legal rights. Advice from courteous and concerned attorneys. Answers to your questions. Because if it's a Pre-Paid Legal product - it works!

Membership Advantage #6

What's worse than needing legal help? Not having access to it! Our Pre-Paid Legal membership helps you prepay for the legal services you need most.

Membership Advantage #7

No matter what kind of legal situation you face you can depend on your Pre-Paid Legal membership to save you money and worry. No other legal service plan available today is more comprehensive than a Pre-Paid Legal membership.

Membership Advantage #8

When you need a lawyer, you'll be really glad you have one. Any time you have a legal problem or question, you can have access to a quality law firm. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, the services of a capable attorney are just a phone call away! Skeptical? Call us now and find out more here...

Membership Advantage #9

Paying full price for a lawyer is like throwing money down the drain. With Pre-Paid Legal, having access to an experienced lawyer is no longer a financial decision.

Membership Advantage #10

There's no substitute for good legal counsel, especially today. Legal situations and questions pop up without notice. Any one of them could become a serious problem. Pre-Paid Legal helps you prepay for the legal help you are likely to need most. Because when you're facing a legal problem, no other legal service plan available today gives your more legal rights protection than a Pre-Paid Legal membership. See for yourself! Call on me as your Independent Associate at 404-840-9420 today!

Membership Advantage #11

You're never alone. Finding a lawyer can be difficult. Obtaining a reliable one can be costly. With a Pre-Paid Legal membership, our nationwide network of accomplished attorneys are just a phone call away. What are you waiting for?

Membership Advantage #12

If you have teenage drivers...if you own property...if you buy with credit...if you deal with contract laborers or rent your need Pre-Paid Legal. Protect the legal right of yourself and your family the easy, inexpensive way with a Pre-paid Legal membership. As a Pre-Paid Legal member, you get the attention you deserve! Put a Pre-Paid Legal membership to work for you today.

Membership Advantage #13

If you faced a legal situation today, could you come up with enough money to pay an attorney for representation? How easy would it be to replace those funds? Legal coverage provides security and peace of mind for you and your family. You hope you never have to use it, but when you do, you will be glad it's there. Put the 30 plus years of experience of Pre-Paid Legal to work for you.

Membership Advantage #14

Which is worth more to you? A cup of coffee or peace of mind knowing you have access to a lawyer when you need one. To learn more on how to access the legal system with a Pre-Paid Legal membership for a low monthly cost; e-mail me today at

Membership Advantage #15

Everybody needs people they can rely on. People they can rely and trust. People who will be there in a pinch - with no excuses. People who are dependable, who will stand by you. People who keep their promises. For trustworthy, reliable legal help, try Pre-Paid Legal. Because at Pre-Paid Legal it's not your problem, it's our problem.

Membership Advantage #16

It's just a buck. One little dollar. You probably have one crumpled up in your pocket right now. You could feed it to a vending machine, or you could have access to the legal system for a low monthly cost through Pre-Paid Legal.

Membership Advantage #17

Don't take a chance with your legal needs. When you're a member of Pre-Paid Legal, you can find the right lawyer by just making one simple phone all. Access the legal system for a low monthly cost.

Membership Advantage #18

No matter what kind of legal situation you face, you can depend on your Pre-Paid Legal membership to save you money and worry. Get the legal help you need when you need it without worrying about the cost. With Pre-Paid Legal, legal support for you and your family is as close as your phone number. Don't you owe it to yourself to learn more?

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Membership Advantage #19

What is as important as medical insurance if you are sick? Legal services if you're sued! A Pre-Paid Legal membership gives you the ability to access professional legal services at a fraction of the usual cost. We also take away the worry and frustration of locating an attorney who can help.

What are YOU doing to PROTECT and

GROW your business?

As a business owner, have you ever:

* Signed a contract or document you hadn't fully read or understood?

* Had difficulty collecting money from customers?

* Wanted to have a resource for ANY business or legal question?

If you answered yes to any of these situations, there's help...

Business Masters Course

Membership Advantage #20

Business owners have a lot to worry about. With the Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan, we can help ease some of those worries. As a part of the BOLSP membership, you have access to quality lawyers for and can receive valuable consulting and more with

More information is available at this resource... "A Few Good Entrepreneurs"

Membership Advantage #21

Commercial Drivers, what would you do if your license was suspended or revoked? Call for more information on the Commercial Drivers Legal Plan offered by Pre-Paid Legal. This is a plan that you can not be without.

Another Membership Advantage #22...

Business Update...

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We are a membership-driven society because membership provides more resources, more clout and many more advantages...

Our take is that all of the above leverages the together everyone achieves more

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