ABCs of Self-Esteem...

Accept yourself.

Believe in your potential.

Commit yourself to excellence.

Dare to dream big dreams.

Engage in daily study.

Find needs and fill them.

Give your service to others.

Help the less fortunate.

Involve mind, body, and soul.

Join a team of positive thinkers.

Keep records of your success stories.

Love all people.

Make plans and implement them.

Network for success.

Obey good health rules.

Put enthusiasm into your work.

Quit criticizing, condemming, and complaining.

Respond to opportunities with zest.

Seek goals to elevate your self-esteem.

Take time to think.

Understand self and improve.

Visualize success.

Work on prioritizing activities.

X-ray yourself to accentuate positive actions.

Yearn for contentment and make it happen.

Zap all obstacles and make them opportunities.

"ABCs of Self-Esteem"

from Self-Esteem Enhancers
by Virgie M. Binford (my mentor)
and Dorothy Cowling

The book is wonderful; it is filled with, what do you know, self-esteen enhancers. Umm, maybe that's why it is titled Self Esteem Enhancers, we are so smart...