What Is A Business Mentor?

I bought a web site builder; INVESTED in a team-building system and acquired A Business Mentor by default....

A purchase decision to buy Site Build It (SBI) was made after reviewing an advertising campaign that included wonderful testimonials...

Check now for yourself...

What I have found most intriguing about SBI is the focus on building a great enterprise implementing the following steps:

#1 Creating a business enterprise unique with its own VOICE and FLAVOR.

This means it is OK to create a business that is a reflection of ourselves, our values and beliefs that will benefit others.... (an improved perspective);

#2 Provide excellent services and products always.

Yes, go the extra mile for your customers because you care - not for glory and praise - make your enterprise a caring company that puts people first;

#3 Business mode must be set on "Improve" by bettering benefits and services. Never be satisfied or complacent -- the saying "there's always room for improvement" is true.

#4 Keep accountability and commitment at the top of the list for company initiatives and actively convey this message to your customers through every interaction with them.

The Club...

The SBI System is like taking a business course refresher. Earn your degree and become part of a special club; check out this testimonial from a real SBI! customer.

"Those forums are an amazing resource! An amazing place. They are a family, a university, a village, a private club, all in one. The $299 price is worth it just for these. It's like buying an annual membership to an exclusive club and getting the rest of SBI! for free."
~ Jerry Mack

As business owners, we realize that our main assets are the services we provide. Check out this "Service Sellers Masters Course"; it is great and it's FREE.

access it here...

Join The CLUB!

SBI's Business Building Tools:

There is an awesome Action Guide that presents step-by-step processes to starting and creating your business.

The Action Guide is in written and video formats which makes it easy to use and implement and is a great learning system.

Now, the SBI Forums are the most friendly, help-and-be-helped set of e-business forums I've ever seem. The bad part about the forums is that oftentimes you will want to just check something real quick, but they are so informative and helpful, you find yourself there much longer than planned.

These forums provide friendly, helpful support from other users who use the system and can provide helpful information; it is a great tool that you will use often.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Use the forums as a network and support community helping to grow your business; a/k/a A Business Mentor.

The SBI Value Exchange is an automated tool for finding and linking with other like-businesses. This tool brings into play the strength from aligning with other business owners.

The Form Builders are very easy to use, fun to implement, extremely powerful; and a great tool to build your clientele.

Other tools are the auto responder and site blogging. Use of these tools are easily incorporated into your site to take your business to another level.

A Valuable Lesson...

The best thing I can say about SBI is that not only will it help you grow your business, you will grow personally. Think about this - is it possible to grow professionally and not personally? I think not.

The time that I've spent utilizing the SBI system has help me to become a stronger and more confident individual.

OK, this sounds a little corny, but it comes from the heart, I have grown personally and professionally from using SBI and highly recommend it to anyone.

Now, if you are looking for a quick way to build your business; Site Build It tortoise approach may not work for you. The tortoise symbolizes SBI steady-and-sure approach.

Another way to look at the SBI approach is simple, direct and hype-free path that leads to success.

Steer clear of any of the Site Build It scam hoopla you run across, these are just fake reviews put on by competitors.

Lesson Learned -- Patience...

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