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Challenge Yourself

10 Steps to Success

1. If you will change, everything will change for you.

Can we really change anyone else?

2. Send time and money on things that count.

Count -- to whom?

3. Don't spend too much time or money on things
that don't count.

REPEAT - count to whom?

4. Instead of getting through the day, get from the day.

This one is awesome and requires concentrated thought...

5. Take charge of your own life.

Please refer to #1

6. Repetition is the labor of skill.

We know there are pearls of wisdom here ...

7. Put yourself through an activity plan.

Written goals plus focused action works...

8. Clean up your own neglect.

GREAT - no comments required!

9. Spend more money on the inside of your head
than the outside.

This has great potential to make everything better...

10. Remember that time is more valuable than money
and if you find something of value, try it.

The above "10 Steps To Success" -- SUCCESS April/May 2008

The italized word are our comments...