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Never Stop Learning!

Does buying a house guarantee homeownership;
does moving into a house make it home?

Learning through preparation is to choose personal development and a direct path to success. Homeownership is more than buying a house; it is an appreciation for the rigors fundamental to successful "homeownership for life".

Homeownership for Life is having the wherewithal to make smart housing choices. It could be improving your zip code, downsizing because the kids are gone, increasing your property portfolio or renting an apartment; you know how to get the information you need to make the best housing decision for your life.

Start With A Success Formula!

Our formula consists of a person's intuitive know-how combined with learned knowledge; the ability to use the information, and, most importantly, a person's level of determination to succeed...

In other words Our Success Formula is 4 linking elements:

1. What we already know
2. What we learn and how we add to it on a daily basis
3. Our ability to use the acquired knowledge
4. The actions we take and how hard we work to realize our goals

Studies reveal that the average home consumer moves about every 7 to 10; this means the odds are great that many of us will be making a housing move soon.

Further studies of home consumers reveal that successful moves are 90% education and preparation and only 10% implementation.

Use the Success Formula to realize that knowledge; preparation and utility will determine if a housing move will be a stressful time-consuming ordeal or a pleasant and orderly adventure.

BHOTE™ Library

BHOTE™ (Building Home Owners Thru Education - pronounced "bow-tie"); is a library of information, resources, tool, Home Connectors™ and more, to inform, educate and keep us moving forward--to success--on purpose.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

The need to know is constant in today's housing market! It's a choice to be pro-active instead of re-acting to the forces in the housing market by recognizing that Murphy is a permanent resident in the housing arena and our lives!

Planning and preparing can have the effect of getting you all fired up and ready to act. Check the Consistent Purposeful Activity System (CPA) for help in putting your plan together....

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Articles - Financing Your Home...

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Here's a way to improve the salability of any home; because today's housing market demands that we use every method possible for success... Home Selling With Feng Shui

I started reading about Feng Shui as a way to help me work with my selling clients. But, I started using it in my own home (and I'm not selling); so check this information because the concepts are great for anyone wanting to create harmony and improve the quality of their living environment.

Sellers (Buyers Too) - Some Things You Need To Know About Foreclosures...

Buyers and Sellers are not necessarily adversaries. Sellers have a property to sell and buyers want to buy; the transaction will not happen without both parties.

Based on this theory, our method of approach is to help both parties understand as much as possible about the other side, because, you may be a buyer today, but later you may wear a seller's hat.

When participating in the housing arena, think of the big picture and realize that it is possible for a seller and a buyer to both win the housing game.

Now, Let's Talk Foreclosures!

Sellers (Buyers Too) - What You Need To Know About Short Sales...

Making An Offer On A Short Sale...

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The "U" Factor!

Can we really plan for life events that will happen in our lives? There is really no answer for this question, but, I believe we can have assurances in place to help us with certain events that may come our way...

We all have medical and auto insurance; these are assurances in place when help is needed. We've coined a phrase representing events in our lives needing special help as The "U" Factor, because it's good to have help ready, willing and able when needed!

Here is a great site to enhance your education about credit, credit scoring, identity theft and much more - visit it often...

Learn About The Real Estate Market

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