Empowering home consumers &
small business owners too!

Barton Heights Realty opened its doors June 1, 1993 with a mission to become a premier real estate education company in Richmond, Virginia.

The foundation of our company was based on a single premise, "the need to know"; because the housing business is more about people and information than structures.

Along this vein, we facilitated boot camp training; and produced a series of FREE preparatory learning Workbooks titled, "NO FEAR" A License To Buy and "NO FEAR" A License To Sell. These workbooks were so titled because once home consumers learn; the "fear" element is replaced with enthusiasm and purposeful determination.

Barton Heights Realty, LLC, met its goal of educating home consumers and earned a reputation for providing quality real estate services; thereby becoming a viable company in the real estate community.

Barton Heights Realty ceased operation June 1, 2003 with 10 years serving the realty needs of home consumers and affiliated businesses.

Fast Forward To 2009...

Building Home Ownership, LLC!

The name is different; the business persona and mission is not.

Building Home Ownership, LLC is a company dedicated to empowering home consumers through education because "the need to know" never goes away. In fact, today's real estate climate creates a greater need than ever before for constant information and resources.

Our company has taken the popular phrase "knowledge is power" to the next level - knowledge with utility is empowering! We believe when consumers use their learned knowledge to grow they become empowered which touch every aspect of their lives.

Here are two questions to think about:

1. As we grow in our personal lives - will it have a profound effect on our professional growth?

2. Is there a better way to grow our home and our home power than a home based business?

Homepreneurship - A natural progression from personal growth.

Now, if the word homepreneur or the concept of Homepreneurship is new to you, devour this information because you've accumulated a lifetime of assets, your knowledge and passion; use it for growth and to empower yourself.

There is business growth as well, our company has evolved to include homepreneurs because today it's no longer just Home-Sweet-Home; growth and necessity creates Home-Sweet-Office!

We want to interact with you, so please advise us of anything on this site that needs attending to. Also, let us know of any subject matter not found here that belong here and we will do our best to accommodate your request. E-mail us at

We value your privacy, and thanks for your feedback. We appreciate you!

Powertudeâ„¢ embodies an attitude of determination seen by the woman's profile and the strength in the strong arm of a man fused with the energy and tools needed to believe in the Strength of I AM!

TR Johnson, Realtor:Realtist/Business Educator & Notary