Business Etcetera

Business Etcetera, because business, like life, is made up of a little of this and a little of that...

"THEY" Said...

-- no would visit because there is no brand name recognition like a Donald Trump or Carleton Sheets site.

-- there was already so much information out already and that this "little ole site" couldn't compete because it was not polished or slick enough.

More "THEY" Said...

-- the site is too "homey" without commercial structure; people can relate to commercial housing sites because they can believe and trust the content.

-- people want "just the facts", not opinions and definitely not witticism...

THEY snickered at the concept of a web site developed especially to help consumers recognize the importance of taking their matters into their own hands and empower themselves.

In developing our business platform; we asked some questions:

1. How can we create a learning environment that is fun and exciting as well as educational and empowering?

2. What can we do to keep what is normally mind-boggling and complex topics interesting?

Never underestimate The Power of Questions...

After much thought, we chose an approach to helping people in the style we know best, informative, user-friendly and sprinkled with a little fun.

Here's The Bottom Line...

about (htfc)!

There is no name recognition or likeness to housing sites like Donald Trump or Carleton Sheets (on purpose).

The site is not glitzy or slick with lots of fancy advertisements or high-profiled endorsements (keep it real).

The site provides information in a manner geared to inform, as well as entertain aimed for purposeful results. It is a learning site based on the fact that life is always under construction; therefore the "need to know" remains constant (becoming habits of growth).

This site is designed with a simple style and a single 2-fold mission:

to help people learn; and
to use the learning for growth.

Simply to "empower consumers" through Education.

We believe that the time is right and ripe for a new model because informed consumers are empowered consumers. People are looking for connections and appreciate a "reach out and touch" learning environment. This site provides such an environment with a personal touch because helping people is personal and always will be.

The site is a true reflection of the author's individual down to earth, sincere and humorous style.

* * * is in a constant state of evolving and improving. We ask for feedback on anything on this site.

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Ever Wonder Who THEY Are?

THEY are the downers and the naysayers; people who see the glass as half empty instead of half full; those who focus more on the problem than on possible solutions.

THEY are the people, who dream great ideas but have million of reasons why "It" won't work.

It may not be productive to stay in the company of the They said crowd for long as their negative spirit may rub off on you, let's smile.

I Was Searching For A Web Site and Found...

There are many names for a business mentor such as, business buddy, trusted advisor, workout partner; likewise the benefits of having a business mentor are many.

Sometimes a mentor, advisor, coach, and or buddy may come in an unexpected form. It did for me and my business, and may work for you as well.

A Business Builder and Mentor!

An Entrepreneurial Life Lesson...

The author is unknow; however, the quote Do The Headwork Before The Handwork... is very appropriate for Business Etcetera.

One interpretation is that as entrepreneurs, we must first develop and nurture our inner workings in order to have success with the physical applications of running a business. Here is the Headwork Brainstorming Session...

Work On Your Business - Not In Your Business...

There Is A Difference

The difference comes from keeping a keen focus on The Big Picture! All of the steps and tasks lead to one thing, accomplishing goals (Your Big Picture).

Check out the following information and make it a part of your business library.

"Working On It, Not In It: The Four Secrets
to Successful Entrepreneurship"

By Michael Gerber, Founder & Chairman, E-Myth Worldwide

What's Your Favorite Station?

Take the time to brainstorm and determine what will keep your best customers coming back again and again.

When you determine the "what", improve it; make it better, more useful, more affordable, whatever it takes to better the experience for your customers when they do business with you.

This is definitely not the time to be shy; let your customers know that you care about them and will provide your best ALWAYS!

Is Customer Service DEAD?

And That Station Again?

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Remember, WIIFM (what's in it for me); the station we all listen to...


Because it plays our favorite song.

What about the entrepreneur's station:
What's In It For My Customer!

Belief in the Strength of I AM!

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Real Estate/Small Business Educator & Notary
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