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Question Date: 9/10/2008 6:56:00 PM

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An on-line home-based business mainly for educating consumers; marketing information for home buyers and sellers and homepreneurs about real estate, business matters and other home related affiliates.

Now, first question - what is the best and most affordable advertising and promotions to use to get a business name and information before the above-mentioned consumers in an affordable manner?

What is great for advertising and promotion of free e-books, the company's blog, an ezine and site?


The second part of this question is about technology.

The free books are in microsoft word - can you tell how to convert them to a PDF file for downloading?

Is this aother method to download these files from my site or ezine subscription?


Answer Date: 9/12/2008 8:39:11 AM

Answer Text: A. Website marketing.

The basic challenge with Internet marketing, like traditional marketing, is to effectively reach your target audiences with your advertising message. The two basic ways to market websites are Internet tools (search engines, banners, etc) and direction from other marketing materials. Of course, your website address should be included in your business cards, print ads and other marketing materials. Also, with respect to Google and other Internet search engines, getting a high CTR or Click Through Rate normally requires a website to be online for at least several weeks and sometimes months before search engines scan the site.

Website marketing has gotten much more complex as the Internet has matured. Search engines now look for the quality of your content, how closely it pertains to key words, how long the site has been around, and other factors. Also, many advertising agencies and marketing firms now offer specialized Internet marketing services, which can be a resource for companies that have been active in e-commerce for a while and are looking for new ideas. How much a business should spend on website marketing requires analysis and experimentation just like other marketing methods in order to determine what is cost effective to reach the defined target audience for particular products or services. The following are search engine optimization (SEO) information and other website marketing suggestions to consider:

1. Blogs.
One inexpensive and often effective form of website marketing is word-of-(online)mouth advertising. In other words, getting others, icitizens for example, to recommend a specific product or service to others is priceless. Along these same lines, having someone with a very popular blog with a large following can easily sway opinions (and traffic) by mentioning a product or service on their blog.

2. Google Adwords and keywords.
To be able to manage an ad campaign and track the results to the level that Google provides is an excellent tool:

3. Search engine optimization

is the process of achieving top rankings in the search engines for a website's most relevant search terms. The most relevant search terms, which are those that you want to rank highly for, are the phrases that potential customers are most likely to type into a search engine for determining a website's product or service offerings.

Search engine optimization targets these search terms. However, there are no search engine optimization secrets, just ranking and promotion methodologies to follow in order to beat your competitors in obtaining a high ranking for desired search terms. To develop an understanding of search engine optimization techniques, you can review considerable SEO information, tips and suggestions with an Internet search. The following are example websites:

4. Increase traffic

by using various services such as:

5. Use is a very good informational site for learning how to promote your site on the web for little or no cost.

Search Engine Watch ( - provides an abundance of information on search engine placement and also publishes a free newsletter.

6. There are numerous popular search engines and directories on the Internet.

Below you will find a list of links to several popular search engines and links to information and forms on their sites to assist you in submitting your website address (URL).

AltaVista: Add URL info:

Google: Add URL info: Open Directory:


7. Banner advertising

is also one of the most common forms of advertising on the Internet today. There are many services that provide banner exchange services. These programs provide simple instructions for implementation. Whether or not they produce the desired results is determined by testing. The following are a few examples:

B. Overall marketing plans.

Generally, the best way for a new or existing business to evaluate website and other marketing options, formulate a strategy and develop a budget is with a marketing plan. There is an excellent tool called "PlanWrite" that is available through our website in the Sales & Marketing section under Recommended Resources and Marketing Plans that you can use to develop a plan for your local market. It sells for $129.95 and automates much of the formatting and boilerplate sections of a marketing plan as well as providing guidance on the rest of the content. On the PlanWrite site, there is a very good demo that you can review that illustrates the features and benefits of the product.

For help in preparing a marketing plan, you can use the content of our website in the Sales & Marketing section to locate marketing suggestions. For example, in the Answers section you can find numerous answers regarding website, print, referrals, direct sale, PR, media, target customer lists, and other useful marketing suggestions.

C. Word file conversion.

There are many free pdf file converter tools; however, Adobe is a common tool, which you can locate at the following website: By using this service you agree that in consideration of's furnishing management or technical assistance that you waive all claims against, its personnel or business partners arising from this assistance.

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