Is Customer Service Dead?

A Real Experience...

The meal was


so delicious, so filling, I made a mental note to treat myself
again and very soon.

The following week I did just that, but this time, to my surprise and dismay, it was as different from the previous week as night and day.

It was awful .

I phoned the restaurant and spoke with the manager; who upon hearing my story responded with

what can I do to make it right for you?

The restaurant was close by so I returned the salad to the manager. She apologized and explained that someone evidently did not throw out the old salad fixings.

3 Things Were Done Immediately:

The staff discarded the old salad fixings so it would not be used again, another fresh salad was prepared and the manager refunded my entire lunch tab and included a free dessert.


Now, mind you, the entire meal was less than seven dollars, the money, of course, was not the issue; because one customer, one complaint, how much harm could this cause?

I was just trying to have a healthy lunch, but I learned that mistakes are made all the time; little mistakes, big mistakes; but our attitude to resolving them is what makes all the difference with the outcome.

The Manager could have been rude to me or treated me as if I was nitpicking; but she made me feel that my satisfaction mattered and that is what keeps me as a customer.

There Are Always Lessons...

to teach us!

That we must always be cognizant of who is responsible for our livelihood, our customers.

To embrace the fact that life is full of challenges, especially in the business arena. How we respond to these challenges is what will keep our customers satisfied and returning.

To realize that quality customer service is never dead because our best asset is the honest, reliable and professional services we provide.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIP

Empathy goes a long way in satisfying and keeping customers!

Maybe this article should be titled
Who’s Really In Charge?
Or, how about...
Customer Care Is Key!

Check this...

WIIFM (What's In It For My Customers?)

Belief in the Strength of I AM!

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