This bold and striking sculpture spans the River Witham and stands 16m tall at its highest point.

The sculpture takes its inspiration from the turbine blades, produced by the main sponsor Alstom Power. The theme of empowerment is reinforced by the sculpture’s position in City Square, linking the important ideal of empowerment and the citizen.

Within the work, the cast aluminum turbine blades transform into dynamic figures that reach out to empower one another, just as the blades empower one another within the turbine.

Conceived as the “Alstom Power Millennium Sculpture”, ‘Empowerment’, is also symbolic of the rich engineering heritage and the future of Lincoln. This is further reflected by the engineering components that can be recognised in the steel work.

The Roman numerals that can be seen along the arch, make reference to our place in history as we celebrate our entrance into, and future, within the third millennium.

The sculpture was successfully installed through the cooperation of many different agencies and skilled companies, in January 2002.

This wonderful sculpture ties in so nicely with our concept of empowerment; we felt it fit nicely here.

We hope you too can appreciate this magnificence artwork and all that the concept of empowerment can mean in your life.

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