The Highest Aim for 2010!


The Highest Aim of Life -- TO Know God & Do His Will!

The Greatest Life-Giver -- The CREATOR

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THE List - A 2010 Adventure!
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The Most Powerful Force in LIfe ... LOVE!

Who's Loving You?

We must learn to love ourselves unconditionally by allowing LOVE to flow from our inner being - the experiences of love, honor and care with ourselves. This love for ourselves is something we choose to share, or choose not to share with others. Can love just simply be "the belief in the strength of I AM"?


Loving ourselves creates an attitude for daily self monitoring and evaluation of our own internal standards and values. To love and accept ourself is to gain an understanding of who we are and what we are all about; because when all is said and done, who do we have more than ourselves?

Recognize that the Force Of Self causes us to function in a state of awareness, change and growth. The Force of Self is simply the belief in the “Strength of I AM" now; not tomorrow or some day, but today - believe in YOU!

When you say "I love you", you are actually saying
you have awakened a place in me where I am love...

John Rogers

We all add resolutions at the beginning of The New Year, well here is another one: Lets make a concentrated effort to bring more love to our lives and not just this month as we celebrate Valentine's Day. Always remember, the only way to keep love is to give it away.

The Ugliest Personality Trait .. THOUGHTLESSNESS!

All of us have been subject to someone's thoughtless gestures and it does not leave a good taste in our mouths. When we are careless with someone's feelings, it shows a lack of concern for that individual. This is not a good thing as all of us are worthy of being treated in a considerate manner.

Sometimes as we move about our lives, we can become so fixed on our goal that unthinkingly we hurt someone with our harsh words, abrupt departure, or being inattentive to a love one telling us something that is special to them; or being unaware of our children's pain.

How thoughtless (and rude) not to apologize when we've kept someone waiting or not acknowledging someone at our counter waiting on a service or not thanking our staff for a job well done (well, yes, it is their job), but a sincere thank you will go a long way.

There are so many little ways that thoughtlessness can creep into our lives; and we know that the little things often end up turning into the BIG things.

"The nicest gift anyone can give to someone is a deep attention to the fact that they exist."

Susan Atchley Ebaugh

We can make the choice to pay more attention to the feelings of others, whether we are rewarded the same or not. It is a smart habit to develop and will bring more smiles into our lives.