The Home Owners Network™
The NET!

NOW, just for a moment...


a real estate marketplace without consumers!

Can you...

Imagine what will happen?


Our method of doing business is based on the following:

1. the most important person in the housing market is the consumer,


2. the most important commodity in the housing market is information!

Remember, "know it to grow it!"

Know when to get help, learn how to get help and move forward to success...

The NET: 4 Essential Elements

#1...Home Consumers

#2...The Real Estate Marketplace


#4...Home Connectors...

The NET is a system of connecting consumers with necessary
tools for growth leading to stronger communities
because when all is said and done, all roads really do lead home!

Joining these essential elements is a great equalizer!

Home consumers realize that educating yourself gives you the wherewithal to
embrace your power to partner for accomplishing goals.

The NET is leverage in action by connecting people, information, resources
and systems to help people accomplish goals.

1. Home Consumers...

There is simply no housing market without you, the home consumer.
Embrace your consumer-power!


1. Decide that your venture into the housing market will be fun,
orderly and successful on purpose.

2. Amass needed information, tools and resources.

3. Create a plan for Consistent Purposeful Activity (CPA).

4. Connect the above and move forward!

II. The Real Estate Market...

The major components in housing market are consumers selling and buying real estate;
regulators include government agencies, bank and mortgage companies.

Professionals in the housing market include real estate agents, attorneys, surveyors,
home warranty companies, pest control companies, etc., as well as
the media and other exposure mediums and home connectors that help channel
people in and out of the real estate market.

The Real Estate Market Place Continues...

Embrace Your Home Power!

III. Building Home Owners
Thru Education™...

Building Home Owners Thru Education™; BHOTE (pronounced "bow tie") is a
directory of information, resources and tools. BHOTE™ is not
intended to replace professional guidance and assistance; but
is to be used as an enhancement for partnering with the professionals
you choose to assist you.

Your professional team is a resource,
BHOTE™, likewise is a helpful resource;
remember, "know it to grow it" .
Choose and use your resources wisely.

BHOTE™ ...a tool for growth!

IV. Home Connectors...

We hold 2 specific beliefs about the housing business - it is not just about land and physical structures,
and we don't live our lives as isolated entities.

We live in communities made up of external forces that
are vital components to our home environment.
We must realize that our communities are harder to build
and harder to maintain than the physical structures we call home!

Home Connectors is a linking source because it is vital
to keep the flow of people, information and community connected.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

We must maintain and strengthen our communities
to preserve the integrity in our investment called home.

"As an interdependent person, I have the opportunity to share myself deeply,
meaningfully, with others, and I have access to the vast resources and
potential of other human beings".

The above quote from "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
By Stephen Covey reinforces the important need for Connectors.

Connectors are systems that work best when we align our strengths,
resources and knowledge with others to accomplish something greater
than we could accomplish alone.

Connectors can spell TEAM (together each accomplishes more).

When siderwebs unite, they can tie up a lion.

-Ethiopian proverb

Home Connectors, offering most things home, and as such
- always under construction...

No man is wise enough by himself


Because personal self-growth and develop is a normal progression to our professional growth
and development, here's a convenient path to Business @ Home Works!

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TR Johnson, Realtor:Realtist/Business Educator & Notary

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