Find Out How Murphy's Law
Impact The Housing Market...

Murphy's Law is Alive and Well and sits center stage in the housing arena...

There are many Murphy's Law Lists, however, this is a selection written with the real estate agent in mind. How will it help you?

Murphy's Law is an eye opener and gives us all something to think about.

• Real estate is not a team sport.

• If you show someone enough property, he will get his own license.

• The new real estate law you have memorized has been revoked.

• You will never like a client better than the first day you meet him.

• Creative financing is followed by creative litigation.

• “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. Shakespeare.

• A new agent will sell the most expensive listing in the office, then say “Isn’t it fun”? Don’t answer.

• If you show enough property, you may not make a sale, but you will need a new car.

• Your next prospect will be a family with 4 children, one with a ballpoint pen, one with a sharp instrument, one prone to car sickness. The fourth will be an infant overdue for a change.

• If a property is a mess; say it hasn’t been maximized.

• The fussiest buyers have the least money.

• If there are signposts on the road to success, the sign room will be empty.

• If the house has an alarm system; you will set it off.

If Something Can Go Wrong ...

Most Likely It Will Go Wrong

More Murphy's Law Likeness...

If the closet door is shut, open carefully, as Fluffy may escape and you spend the next 3 hours getting her back in the closet (you missed the note on the Listing Sheet stating that Fluffy's home is the kitchen pantry).

Good thing previewed first; never did show it and can't remember why...Maybe didn't want another encounter Fluffy.


To preview a listed home, talk with the owners first, do not assume that because no one answers the door, no one is home; the husband may be in the shower.

When showing properties to people not familiar with the city, make sure not to drive down a one-way street, they may follow you.


Advise the potential buyer that the window treatments do not go with the house, or you will end up buying new "curtains" for the new owner.


When showing a house and your clients fall in love with it, be aware that staying in the house over 3 hours could alarm concerned neighbors who may call the owners and the police...


When visiting a property with someone following in another vehicle, be sure to provide that driver with some pertinent information, like the address of the property (just in case you become separated).


Make sure to activate your lockbox key before meeting the clients at the property; and also have spare batteries.


It's always a good idea to arrive before your clients, especially if the house is vacant, as you may have to vacate it before they arrive...


When showing a house and you start to experience strange sensations while in the house, don't pretend not to notice that something seems really odd (too cold; it's summer, too still, too dark with lights on; LEAVE IMMEDATELY, discuss later (outside).

Stranger still is talking with the potential buyer week later; and she start telling you about the strange sensations she felt while in the house!


You check your cell phone every hour; now you're at the closing with your clients and learn "the call" was left on your voicemail, not your cell phone...


Well, there are others - some too embarrassing or ridiculous to share and others just downright scary, for example:

A house with all the interior walls splattered with black and red paint; signs or symbols painted on walls, all kind of things on the carpet, broken windows and a smell that would stop you in your tracks - all in all - unpleasant thought to enter alone - got help!

You hold an "Open House" for your clients, great turn out; and later you find out (after the Open House); that the owner had installed a (hidden) camera. Sure hope I wasn't caught _ _ __; or _ _ _.

Of course once known, disclosures were made to potential buyers so they could check their manners.

Now, I bet you're wondering if all these things happened to me, right?

Indeed, they did, now I can have a good laugh; but in the wasn't very laughable.

I can only imagine some "eventful" stories other Realtors could share...

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