My Business Library

Cultivate Your Growing Business Continuously!

My Business Library is a system for starting, growing and maintaining your business.
It is a system that is critiqued and updated often for optimum use;
much like what we need to do for the growth of our business.

My Business Library is a live resource; it is not a depository for holding
information and collecting dust; use it and allow it to become one
of your best business assets.

Start-up Business Tools

...Resources and Information!

Internet Sites For Help...

1. -- Video market projects





6. -– online local directory



9. -- free graphics

10. -– electronic text publishing system

11. -- great help for small business owners and homepreneurs

More great sites to share; collectively, let's continue learning and growing!


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There are many more - we just listed a few favorites to share because there is enough business, money and clients for all of us; especially...

When we care for our business we nurture it; we care about our clients and their needs; and we build a quality business based on ethical principles.

Speaking of principles, we invite you to check out the Five Powertude™ Principles. These Principles apply to our personal and professional development.

12. – list serve system

13. lists

14. -– affordable logos


16. http://www. keyworddiscovery


18. – target local online customers

19. -- directory

20. – local business listing service

21. – local advertising

22. – searching and advertising opportunities

23. articles

Mind Your Business...

It's Worth The Watch

It's a good thing to have a monitoring system in place for the health of your business enterprise - check out The "U" Factor!

Do You Believe In Magic?

Your "magic" new and improved way to effectively, efficiently and professionally build your presence on the world wide web...

Is It Magic? Is It Easy? Will It Work? Will It Work For You? Why Not Check It Out And See For Yourself...

TIP: Watch this "the magic video"!

Now - Do You Believe in Magic?

Here's a great addition to your business library, however, it won't be one to just collect dust, and it is just that good and best of all it's FREE.

VALUABLE and FREE - what a terrific duo; so enjoy and learn from the Business Masters Course

The companion to My Business Library is Building Home Owners Thru Education(BHOTE).

The Business Owners Ideacafe that started in 1995 features critical information for today’s entrepreneurs. Be sure to check out the “CyberShmooz” area that contains several awesome web forums - great with your morning cup of coffee.

Bus @ Home Works Profiles...

Because Success Leaves It's Mark!

Success leaves signs! We can learn from the success of others; the reason for our "Profile A Successful Business".

Not only can we learn and grow from the success of others; we can learn from their mistakes. Some people choose to view mistakes as failures, but we choose to view our mistakes as incomplete lessons needing a re-adjustment and or/ a retake.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

There is no failure, just a need to re-adjust and or repeat and not make the same mistakes.

Series...Profile Of A Business @ Home Works...

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