Partnering With TR

Because We All Can Use A Little Help

...Now and Then!

Real Estate Marketing & Sales...

Partnering with TR because today's explosive housing market requires the assistance of a seasoned and caring professional. Someone who will take the time to understand your goals so that an effective plan can be created to filfill your goals.

To help with goals, please check out our Consistent Purposeful Activity System (CPA) for success.

As a Housing Specialist I stand ready, willing and able to assist home buyers, sellers and investors with their real estate needs.

The benefits derived through my affiliation with Apollo Associates Realty; my skills and motivation makes me the real estate professional to assist you.

A little about me here...

Small Business Consulting...

Are you an entrepreneur sometimes needing advice or help with growing, protecting and maintaining your business?

If you answer YES, please check out the following important information...

A legal membership is a must for the small business owner or the home-based business owner to effectively deal with the Unexpected, the Unplanned and the Unwelcomed gifts of life, aka The "U" Factor.

The "U" Factor

Let's Talk

Need someone to inform your organization or group about the real estate market or the small business market?

How about informing your group about Legal Membership Services; many people don't know about the every-day use of this affordable program and how beneficial it is for themselves and their families.

Let's talk about informative briefs and presentations.

"Knowledge is of 2 kinds!

We know a subject ourselves or
we know where to find information upon it.

Samuel Johnson

Partnering With TR

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