Women Getting Motivated

by Vickie L. Milazzo

Power Player

Put force behind your business with these 10 inner strengths.

Every woman has a business edge that comes from 10 inherent strengths. Sharpen this edge, and you can become a force to be reckoned with.

1. Fire: No matter how much you love your business, you won’t love every minute of your day. Practice being “on fire” even when doing mundane tasks.

2. Intuitive Vision: You often intuitively know when a good idea presents itself. If you wait for all the facts to come in, big opportunities will pass you by. Don’t overanalyze every decision. Be willing to step out with no guarantee.

3. Engagement: Small engagements – answering e-mail, searching the internet, attending networking groups – can make you feel productive, though you accomplish little.

Engage in the big things that move your business forward, and focus on them daily.

4. Agility: The agility to stretch and grow comes from challenging fixed viewpoints – yours and others’. Don’t let anyone, even friends and loved ones, limit what you can achieve. Strive to surpass your own boundaries.

5. Genius: True genius happens when you seek out other voices – people who don’t always agree with you. As you explore diverse opinions, ideas spark, and you arrive at a place you couldn’t have reached alone, raising your venture to a new level.

6. Integrity: Your integrity is always under scrutiny of your employees and clients. Deliver on every promise, even when it’s difficult or when a more exciting opportunity beckons. Avoid overpromising. Only through integrity will you achieve authentic success.

7. Endurance: When business booms, you need endurance to keep up. When business dips, you need endurance to wrangle it back on course. Don’t wait for the big win – fuel your endurance by celebrating the small wins along the way.

8. Enterprise: Entrepreneurs approach every commitment expecting a payoff. Before you invest time or resources on a project, evaluate the payoff. If something costs your company money with insufficient return, either find a way to make that project profitable or ditch it.

9. Renewal: Running a business takes phenomenal energy – physical, emotional and mental. You wouldn’t feed a thoroughbred potato chips all day and expect it to win a race.

Re-energize often with good, healthy food and exercise. Start your day with a renewal break – wake up half an hour early and renew for what’s ahead.

10. Female Infusion: You’re expected to make decisions, have all the answers and motivate your staff. Where do you go for a similar infusion?

Maintain strong connections with exceptional women to recharge your personal resilience and the resilience of your company.

Applying just one of your 10 feminine strengths will dramatically improve your business. Harness all 10, and you’ll be an unbeatable entrepreneurial force.

The Powertude™ Woman