Belief in the Strength of I AM!

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Embodies an attitude of determination seen by the woman's profile and the strength in the strong arm of a man fused with the energy and tools needed to believe in the Strength of I AM!

"Let us remember that within us there is a palace of immense magnificence".
St. Teresa of Avila

Words of Powertude™

Because Words Have Power...



You Have Something Worthwhile To Share; so


People Are Talking -- People Are Listening!

Share TIPS, your WOW (words of wisdom), unique expressions, or an epiphany that would make a great Powertude™ VOICE IT! conversation.

Here is a place for open dialogue to connect people talking, listening and growing because sharing is contagious and good for the soul...

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The Principles of Powertude™...

The 5 Powertude™ Principles are based on a basic law.
We can control our thoughts, attitude and the proper use of our strengths.

1. Become A Possibility Phenomena!

2. Appreciate the benefits of being a Continual Learner!

3. Realize that great results starts with Anticipation With Action!

4. Grow by Aligning Your Strengths with others!

5. Embrace the energizing Force Of Self!


People Who Empower Others Provide

Information, so a person can learn what to do and how to do it;

Resources, so a person has access to the staff, money and equipment necessary to reach a goal.

Training opportunities, so a person can develop skills.

Alternatives, to remove barriers so a person can maneuver through the system.

Opportunities for decision-making and delegation of responsibilities, so
a person can grow more independent.

Opportunities to make contacts and build alliances, so a person will have
the acknowledgement, support and cooperation of others.

Power Expands When You Share It!

"Personal Power"

by LaBella/Leach


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