The Real Estate Market ...

Real estate markets are fast-paced, volatile with the up and down cycles, challenging and complex
as well as chaotic and frustrating. A one word description
for today's real estate market is "daunting".

More words to describe today's real estate climate; how about adventurous and fun.
Fun? It should be because what's more exciting then buying or selling a house?

Real estate affects all our lives in some form or fashion.

We farm it! We fly to and from it!

We sell, lease and rent it!

We fight over it!

And, after all is said and done, we are buried in it.

Real estate markets today are change-agents; indicated by the current evolving
and correcting direction. Like other consumer-driven markets, home consumers are the
catalyst for the direction of today's real estate marketplace.

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The excitment of any real estate market is the synergy created from people and the
circumstances causing them to filter in and out of the market daily.

This business of helping people solve their housing issues is not
a cookie cutter type business. Each situation is as different as the
people involved and each situation requires different strategies for success.

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As a Realtist and Managing Broker for Apollo Associates, a full service real estate firm,
please feel free to contact me at or 404-753-7373 for help with any of your real estate matters.

Also, ASK ME What is a Realtist?

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Every house is special and dynamic and has its own story that is as different and special as the people involved.

Houses are the real STARS

of the marketplace...

Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are networks allowing Brokers to share
information about the houses they
have contracted to market.

Multiple Listing Services are excellent tools and resources for maximum exposure of sellers' properties and provide buyers with a method of access to properties available in the marketplace..

Check out what is available in your area of interest...

Information, MLS Listings and More...

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Warning Flags...

There are a myriad of documents, disclosures, tasks and services to perform
to trouble-shoot a housing transaction to get it closed.
Most of these duties are not hard; however, they are often complex and
detailed and need the attention of committed professionals.

Professionals who know what to look for and how to keep a watch out
for troublesome red flags.

The funny thing about red flags is they usually surface without any obvious warnings,
especially for the novice consumer. Remember the television
show, "Lost in Space", when danger was near the robot would warn "danger, danger Will Robinson"....

Now, in the real world, there are warning signs as well. We may not recognize them, or try to resolve the situation ourselves; or do nothing hoping the situation will go away.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Ignored - warning flags don't go away, they become BIG problems!

You hold the key to your success!

More Red Flags

In the know and growing!

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Whatever your housing goals may be, TODAY is the best time to start preparing!

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Q & A

Real real estate questions deserve real answers...


I received a call from someone identifying herself from HUD saying
that I was due $997.00 for a HUD Refund; but in order to receive my
refund, I would have to send a $236 processing fee.
Does this sound right?


In no way should you pay to receive money that
is supposed to be for you. Think about that.
Also, who initiated the call and was it from from your mortgage company? If not, more red flags.

Call your mortgage company and discuss the call with them.
There maybe instances where refunds are due in certain situations, but before you
send your hard-earned money based on one phone call, do some serious investigating.

If the call, the claim for the money is legitimate, it will be available
once you do further checking.

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