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Greetings Friends from TR's Corner

One of the first things that my six year old grandson, Justin drew was a picture of his home. He drew a shell with 2 sides, a floor, a roof, some windows, a tree, a few shrubbs and, of course, himself.

His drawings revealed that even at a very early age, Justin and many children recognize and appreciate the unique place we call "home". Let's salute our children and the importance of their own space...

Home markets today are in a correcting mode, lenders are tightening credit standards, real estate professionals are providing more valuable services and everyone involved in the home marketplace is working hard to help move the market forward.

Yes, things are changing, in fact, the one constant in the home markets is that it is never constant. One thing that will not change in home markets is the need to know. In fact, that is changing as well, because the need to learn and know is necessary, maybe more so today than ever before.

Today is an exciting time for home consumers and homeownership continues to be a major goal for many people. So, whatever your home goals are, the key to home success starts wth education and preparaion because the need to know will never change.

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