Saluting Our Children!

One of the first things my grandson Justin drew was a picture of his home. His drawing was a shell with 2 sides, a floor, a roof, some windows, some trees and shrubs and, of course, himself.

His drawing showed that even at very early ages, Justin, like many children, recognize and appreciate the unique place we all call "home".

His drawing here is to show support of his artistic abilities and to reinforce how vital home is to all of us!

It is good to imagine where Justin's drawing may be in the future, as I'm sure his drawings will only get better and better...

First we buy the house;
we then care for it; and love it
which makes it Home.

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Cuddly, snuggly Isspy Bear makes a great gift for our children and the child in us.

Isspy (I snuggles for powertude™ youth) is a message to children that it is good to embrace and nurture the softness as well as the strength they possess.

Allow the Isspy Bear to teach our children Powertude's™ message of "The Strength of I AM" -- nurturing their uniqueness opens doors to unlimited possibilities.

Check this Powertude™ Principle -- A Possibility Phenomena!

Art of children’s room design


Belief in the Strength of I AM!

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