"Selling Among Wolves"

By Michael Q. Pink

Four Cornerstones of Sales Success

"Selling Among Wolves" - we all sell!

As a business owner, a homepreneur and continual learner, I am constantly searching for quality information to assist with business endeavors. Allow me to suggest a great source of sales knowledge, inspiration and motivation all in one book.

It's a great selling and sales book about life and spiritual-base principles that once applied to your business persona will create win-win situations in all your business dealings.

"Selling Among Wolves", is a must for your business and personal library.

Excerpts from Chapter # "Four Cornerstones of Sales Success “Selling Among Wolves Without Joining The Pack” By Michael Q. Pink

Dimension #1--Strategy

The first dimension is the discipline of strategy. Strategy is based upon knowledge. Your ability to succeed will be greatly hampered or helped by your knowledge of the following five topics:

1. Your product or service:

Become an expert on what you have to offer! If you want to improve your selling strength, make a list of the main services you offer, and then prepare an in-depth presentation of each service you list.

We all want to deal with people who really know their stuff, so give yourself a leg up and become an expert in your field. Do you really understand what makes what you do unique to the marketplace? What makes it stand out? Can you articulate that in a clear and compelling manner? Spend some time getting better acquainted with your service.

2. Your competition:

When you are informed, instead of ignorant of the devices or plans of your competition, you will know not only what you’re up against but how they ply their trade. That knowledge will allow you to offer the offsetting advantages of your product or service in a manner that can neutralize or at least minimize the impact of your competitor on your prospect

3. Your industry:

Become an industry expert. If you don’t have the interest to do that, you’re probably in the wrong business. Find out what trends are developing. Do you attend trade shows? Do you read industry publications? Consider writing an article for a trade magazine. Is your industry going through major change? (Always in real estate). How will this affect your customers and clients? How well are you poised to deal with the changes?

4. Your trade:

Have you mastered the sales trade? Do you purchase books or tapes to further your sales education? Do you have a well-planned questioning strategy? Do you know why people buy? Do you understand the buying process?

5. Your customers/clients and prospects:

How much do you know about your potential clients/customers? Add extra value by being an additional source of helpful and reliable knowledge.

When you combine what you know about your services, industry, competition, customers and trade, your strategy begins to take shape. Develop a strategy to consistently uncover your prospects’ highest needs. Have a well thought out line of questioning that reliably uncovers need, exposes pain and sets the stage for your product or service. Your strategy should include preparing a list of the top ten objections you regularly encounter and the most well thought answers you can provide.

Dimension #2--Skill

The second dimension is the discipline of skill.

In sales, skill is the ability to harness raw motivational energy, knowledge and strategy in order to generate sales. Without skill, activity accomplishes little, motivation grows weary, strategies fall by the wayside and principles have little effect. To succeed in sales, you must become skilled in the basic elements of your trade.

Those elements include:

planning skills,

the ability to spark interest,

develop rapport,

establish respect and create trust,

questioning skills,

listening skills,

negotiating skills,

problem solving skills,

closing skills, and more.

All these elements need to be studied and practiced, much like a professional golfer who practices everything from long distance drives to putting.

What are you doing to improve your skill? You need to deliberately and purposefully apply what you learn until it’s a part of what you do and how you function.

Dimension #3--Motivation

The third dimension of successful selling is motivation and attitude. Without motivation, nothing moves, skills deteriorate, strategies gather dust and principles have nothing to empower. It has everything to do with what you believe about things.

What do you believe about your company?

Do you really believe your service is best for your clients and customers?

Do you believe “all buyers are liars"?

Do you believe they don’t have a budget, means or need for your services?

What about yourself?

What do you believe about you, your chances of success or your strengths and weaknesses?

What do you believe about your potential, about the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead?

What do you believe about your profession or industry?


The fourth dimension of successful selling is having a principle-based approach. Principles give purpose and direction to your energy and abilities, empowering you to achieve levels of excellence and fulfillment otherwise unobtainable.

Principles of trust, respect, love, justice, mercy, humility, honesty, and integrity are the guiding lights to govern our actions in the marketplace.

To the extent that we embrace and uphold these principles, we move toward either stability or instability.

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