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My Broker is fond of saying, spell TR with a capital T and a capital R, together; no periods and no spaces.

"My Story"

I'm pretty confident that the only place my original first name now exists is on my birth certificate. In elementary school my teacher, Mr. Booker, said "everyone else was pronouncing my name incorrectly". He would pronounce


with exaggerated emphasis on each syllable - sounding like


Can you Theresa's relate?

Mr. Booker had a booming voice and when he pronounced my name, it sounded like it was vibrating off the walls; small wonder he was not my favorite teacher.

A friend and classmate started calling out my name in the same fashion as Mr. Booker until he realized this was not very funny to me. He then started calling me TR, the initials of my first and last name.

TR, I liked it; it was different and hardly anyone used their initials, I liked it then and I like it still.

Now, I don’t know if my entrepreneurial mindset evolved from being called TR; but it's been my passion since grade school.

It's Personal...

My purpose for writing content for this site is a way to improve and “better my best” on a continuous basis. The housing and business arena is never stagnant and neither is the learning. It is clear that continual learning and growing is a must.

It's now 2010 and I'm still TR and look forward to partnering with you for your home & living and business & career success.

Some History...

Ms. Elsie's

As a little girl, I watched my mother earn money from selling ten cent flavored icebergs to the neighborhood kids. I don't know the kind of money she earned, but I remember my sisters and brother helping because kids were always coming to our back door buying the icebergs.

She later added cookies, chips and candy that caused more kids to knock on our back door.

I did not know it then, and I am sure my mother did not call herself a businesswoman, certainly not an entrepreneur; she was doing what she had to do to help feed and clothe her family.

What I know now is that my mother was a home-based entrepreneur (homepreneur) and my first mentor. I would watch my mother do a variety of things to make the icebergs special, sometimes she put fruit in the icebergs to surprise her little customers. What amazed me was how happy it made her to do special things for the kids.

The neighborhood kids not only loved Ms. Elsie's icebergs, but they fell in love with my mom because she always treated them with respect which made them feel special.

I am as proud of my mother today as I was as the little girl watching her treat the neighbor kids with her special touch.

Women Organized For Fitness & Fun (W.O.F.F.)

My first official foray into entrepreneurship was W.O.F.F.; an exercise studio with 2 leased pieces of equipment called the "Dyna-gym".

W.O.F.F. lasted only several months; WHY?

1. The studio (sounds special), was a nice name for the storage room in the back of Sam's Beauty Salon. It was small, and crowded with cleaning and storage stuff and smelled of hair and chemicals.

2. I didn't know about exercising, advertising or promotion, how to set prices or much about running a gym. I knew even less about the ideal client I hoped to attract. I just assumed that ladies visiting Sam's would take part in my exercise program. Wrong assumption, wrong timing and wrong (no) planning. W.O.F.F. was a fun adventure and one lesson that was not very costly.

North Avenue Deli (Home Of Kosher Soul)

Me, a restaurateur? My husband and I, along with my mom, Ms. Elsie opened North Avenue Deli. As the name implies it was located on North Avenue, a main business corridor in Richmond Virginia. Now, if you find yourself on North Avenue, you may still hear people talk about Ms. Elsie's Chicken Salad...

The Deli was successful, my mom, of course did the cooking, I did the thinking and strategizing (you know, the really hard stuff) and my husband did the socializing (maybe that's a man thing).

The experience of owning and operating North Avenue Deli was a wonderful experience; and in those 5 years, we survived many challenging situations. We also met and established some great relationships making me realize that good things happen when you bring people and good food together.

Operating the Deli was definitely a learning experience that motivated my entrepreneurial quest.

Barton Heights Realty, LLC.

Several successful ventures later, it is clear that each provided important lessons; lessons that form the foundation behind

Today, the lessons continue.

From Barton Heights Realty, LLC, to Building Home Ownership, LLC .

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. It is my sincere desire to provide quality products, services and information for our own self-empowerment.

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