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The premise behind TIPS Message Ezine and all that is is that people plus usable information is EMPOWERING!

Who's Your Competition?

Allow me to share with you an expression my mentor; Dr. Virgie Binford is fond of saying.

"Don't compete with anyone but yourself; strive to better your best and don't worry about the rest".

Dr. Binford's words made sense and I've adopted her saying as my own. It is my desire to stay true to form with Dr. Binford's empowering words and that each issue of TIPS Message Ezine is better than the last!

Always know that your comments and suggestions will help us "better our best".

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Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly.


Develop your unique value chain by focusing on the needs of your customers.

Allow servicing and providing exceptional solutions for the needs of your customers become your unique advantage in the marketplace...

Keep informed of what others are doing as an indication of what your customers may desire. Become a winner by improving yourself, your offerings and services. Strive to offer more, provide better solutions and always put the needs of your customers first.

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YOUR Money Does Matter...

Because your $$$ Matters - 10 Ways To Lower Your Home-owners Insurance Costs...

1. Raise your deductible. If you can afford to pay more toward a loss that occurs, your premiums will be lower.

2. Buy your homeowners and auto policies from the same company and you’ll usually qualify for a discount. But make sure that the savings really yields the lowest price.

3. Make your home less susceptible to damage. Keep roofs and drains in good repair. Retrofit your house to protect against natural disasters common to your area.

4. Keep your home safer. Install smoke detectors, burglar alarms, and dead-bolt locks. All of these will usually qualify for a discount.

5. Be sure you insure your house for the correct amount. Remember, you’re covering replacement cost, not market value.

6. Ask about other discounts. For example, retirees who are home more than working people may qualify for a discount on theft insurance.

7. Stay with the same insurer. Especially in today’s tight insurance market, your current vendor is more likely to give you a good price.

8. See if you belong to any groups—associations, alumni groups—that offer lower insurance rates.

9. Review your policy limits and the value of your home and possessions annually. Some items depreciate and may not need as much coverage.

10. See if there’s a government-backed insurance plan. In some high-risk areas, such as coasts, federal or state government may back plans to lower rates. Ask your agent.

Reprinted from REALTOR® Magazine Online by permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.

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TR's Corner

Allow me, in this first issue of TIPS Message Ezine to set the stage.

The movement "knowledge is power" is somewhat out-dated 2009, so how's this for an upgrade?

Knowledge with utility is empowering!

We realize how easy it is to get our hands on STUFF. We can become so overloaded that we don't know what's useful and what's not. The key is being able to filter through the "stuff" to know what will work to accomplish your goals.

Helping consumers realize that they can take their home matters in their own hands for empowerment is my goal and the fundamental basis of

Thanks for your support and know that we are ready, willing and able to assist you!

Building Home Ownership, LLC D/B/A

Our Value Statement

We pledge to critique our TIPS, services and values by keeping the learning needs of home consumers and homepreneurs as the cornerstone of our business model.

Our goal is providing the resources to connect people & information for Success!