Growing List of TIPS...

Ideas and Things Of Interest...

If you have faith in your future – you have power!! ________________________________________

HOPE and WISHING Is Never A Good Strategy! ________________________________________

Determine what business you are in... ________________________________________

Adopt an "I'm building relationships" attitude; not just a one-time deal... ________________________________________

Make your business one of partnering – not selling… ________________________________________

Start With Quality – Build on That - Better Your Best & Thrive! ________________________________________

Claim This Your Year For Gaining MORE...
more knowledge, more prestige, more business savvy all to provide
MORE for your clients

Start With Quality – Build on That - Better Your Best & Thrive! ________________________________________

Understand that Your business is a reflection of you… ________________________________________

Determine Your End Results; SEE the picture of your business -
what does it stand for, what is the image you want customers to
have; most importantly, what is the image of your business? Is it the image you want conveyed? Find Out... ________________________________________

Prepare For The Best and plan for the WORST ________________________________________

Recognize your own personal measure of success; “I know I’m successful when...

“When you hear something, you forget it.
When you see something, you remember it.
But not until you actually do something will you understand it.”
Chinese Proverb


The more seeds planted in fertile soil, the greater the harvest ________________________________________

Creative businesses are contagious… ________________________________________

What are you REALLY selling? Remember to sell the SIZZLE, not the steak…

Be able to explain the benefits (the why do business with me) to others in ten words or less;

Collaborate – join forces, communicate and be accountable ________________________________________

Business relationships are all about creating value - always strive to create tremendous value

Develop and maintain relationships that make a positive impact (difference) in people lives ________________________________________

Value people; value your community by striving to be a good business neighbor

Strive to build quality products, services and solutions in all you do; ________________________________________

Recognize that your company (business) is like people, in that it will have it's own unique personality; ________________________________________

Embrace teamwork for the energizing power it brings ________________________________________

Work hard to provide empowering experiences for others ________________________________________

Create and maintain a climate of openness, trust, cooperation
and team work inside and outside of your business culture. ________________________________________

Implement a unity of purpose – ensure that goals and values are shared ________________________________________

Decide to view your business challenges as opportunities for growth ________________________________________

Strive for an honorable company composed of honorable people ________________________________________

Become a consumer-driven company - practice "what's in it for my customers (WIIFM)"...

Become an education-driven company, because an educated consumer is your best customer…

Create a mission and vision that is uniquely transparent with no hidden agenda

Help connect people to what is important in their lives ________________________________________

Embrace the Power of Empowering others ________________________________________

Always provide distinctive, high value, products, services and solutions ________________________________________

Embrace the fact that your customers are paramount to you and your business. Never allow your customers forget the value they bring ________________________________________

Recognize the importance of sharing and become an avid sharer of information


Believe that learning leads to change and change leads to growth. Remember, life's makeup consist of challenges, choices and change ________________________________________

Understand and employ risk management devices to help protect your business and your customers. ________________________________________

Resources for the present will help build the future - because the future is purchased today! ________________________________________

What is your value creation? ________________________________________

Recognize that business partners and teamwork produce greater results ________________________________________

Your core values are fundamental to success ________________________________________

Build a business people can trust ________________________________________

Make your business a spirit of service ________________________________________

Provide equal access to opportunity for all your customers ________________________________________

Work hard to earn trust every day – one mistake and the trust factor can become compromised…

Develop a user-friendly business culture and company spirit ________________________________________

Make your business a great place for visiting often ________________________________________

Develop systems that will provide great learning experiences ________________________________________

Cultivate the mindset to help your customers succeed ________________________________________

Embrace the importance of shared values between a business and its customers

Understand that people build great businesses – so take care of your greatest asset (your people)! ________________________________________

Look for ways to expand personal and professional networks ________________________________________

Your energy, your time, your imagination and your knowledge are tools needed to grow and sustain a thriving business ________________________________________

Find ways to protect people you care about - personally and professionally ________________________________________

Anticipate contingencies and recognize they are important for success ________________________________________

Know it to grow it! You must know what you don’t know in order to get what you need to grow…

No matter what – keep moving forward ________________________________________

Realize that it is OK to take care of self


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Things Of Interest...

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