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Tabula Rasa - BEGINNINGS!

Tabula Rasa, the Latin tern for "clean slate" because everything in life starts with a clean or blank slate. Now, as a real estate professional, I like the term "under construction" because we are always construction.

We are human beings, therefore, constantly under construction, we have the opportunity to implement or create new goals; to tear down or trash negative thoughts and emotions by starting over as often as needed. Learn how to construct your own canvas and realize "under construction" means that in most of our lives, there is a constant need for improvement.

Wipe it clean and start fresh!

Entrepreneurial Life Lessons

The blank slate is a tool for entrepreneurs to use for self-motivation and inspiration. The blank slate is a convenient way to use your imagination to create the entreprenerial life you want.

Gladys Edmunds "There's No Business Like Your Own Business"

A great read for any entrepreneur looking to grow!

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS
As a beginning, decide to view yourself as a business, a business with a mission, objectives, resources and a workforce of self.

Our personal lives intertwine and balance out our professional lives. If one is out of sync; both suffers. Balance is the operative word - become determined to grow personally and professionally!

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Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

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Tabula Rasa!

BEGINNINGS - A Weekly Countdown to



Appearances can be deceiving. A failure may be a victory if you know how to learn from it. A rejection may be an opportunity to move on to something else. The end of one relationship marks the start of a new relationship. Change is omnipresent in our lives.

We should never cling to any one situation. Instead, in the end of an experience, we should see the beginning of something new.


Each day brings with it the opportunity to contribute to the happiness and harmony others can enjoy. Each day is an opportunity to mend a quarrel, search out a forgotten friend, write a love letter, share some treasure.

Each day is an opportunity to keep a promise, forego a grudge, forgive an enemy. A chance to examine your demands on others, to think first of someone else, to appreciate, to be kind, to be gentle.

Today, I resolve to gladden someone’s heart and share with them the beauty and the wonder of the earth.


Today, I know that each minute brings with it new possibilities, a new window on the world around me. Each minute of my life, I can see the beauty around me and I can do my share to make it even more beautiful.

Today, I know that I can undergo renewal every minute. I rejoice in the fact that every single thing changes. Everything undergoes constant transformation. I will not resist the process of renewal and change.

I will let the flow of renewal and change sweep me toward endless new possibilities.


A relationship is an ongoing project of creation. We create a relationship, then we create a relationship, and later we create a relationship.

In a couple, nothing can be taken for granted. In the morning, we should wake up with the intention of participating, giving, inventing our relationship, each day until the end.

When we stop inventing our relationship, it begins to deteriorate. We must generate new experiences, formulate shared projects, and do new activities together if we want to maintain the relationship and constantly breathe new life into it.

Today, I see that I must invent our relationship each day. When I stop creating, our relationship loses its energy and its dynamics. But if I am present, If I create new possibilities each day, our relationship will grow.


Now is the dawn of a new year
A new year stands before me
Like a mighty and beautiful oak
Now is a new opportunity
To do what I’ve always wanted to do
To become what I’ve always dreamed of becoming
Now is a new life
A life filled with love and pride
Now is the time to choose my way
As a new being who has travelled far
To find a port, to weigh anchor
Now is the beginning of a wonderful adventure
Now I am ready to embrace the year ahead

From SUCCESS One Day at a Time…

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

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