10 Million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2009.

Could YOU be one of them and not even know it?

Of course, written information about people has been collected and recorded for eons. This "data" was stored in repositories and consisted, depending on the period in human history, of clay tablets, tree bark, papyrus, sheepskins, and later mass-produced paper.

We know from the historical record that this information was valuable to rulers and government as data to levy taxes, draft people into the armies, keep track of financial and land transactions and keep tables on the number, religion and other demongraphics of individuals.

No doubt data stealing and forging has taken place as long as humans have inhabited this planet.

"The Silent Crime" What You Need to Know About Idenity Theft
by Steffen Schmidt & Michael McCoy

Identity Theft Is My Business
and Your Business!

Fighting Back Against Identity Theft - Federal Trade Commission

Red Flags Rule

Mandatory Compliance NOW - August 1, 2009

According to a report of the President’s Identity Theft Task Force, identity theft (a fraud attempted or committed using identifying information of another person without authority), results in billions of dollars in losses each year to individuals and businesses. Identity thieves use people’s personally identifying information that creates havoc for consumers and businesses.

The Red Flags Rule will affect my business, your business and virtually all businesses.

Previous statutes like GLB Safeguards Rule and the HIPAA Security rule have certain requirements, in many respects concerning keeping data private.

The Red Flags Rule is about protecting the integrity of the information you obtain, preventing Identity Theft where possible, mitigating it when it occurs and various compliance requirements of those covered by the rule

Education and Training Is KEY!

Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule: A How-to Guide for Business

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