The "U" Factor...

It's 8:20 a.m. and I'm in line this frigid and wet February morning with at least 80 or so other people.

Everyone is grumbling about having to stay out in the rain as the officials have not opened the doors to the courthouse.

Ok, now it's about 8:50 and the doors open, but only to allow 2 elderly people and a pregnant woman inside.

The complaints continue about "having to stay outside in this bad weather". Every time I look back the line has grown longer.

Finally, shortly after 9:00 a.m., the doors open and everyone rush in to get out of the cold rain. Once inside, I hear my name and turn to face a stranger telling me he will represent me in court.

He tells me what will happen with my case saying I'll probably be out in about 10-15 minutes. I am skeptical of his time frame based on how long it took just to get inside.

Sure enough the attorneys are called to the front of the court room (it is so full - people are still outside in the corridor); and in a few minutes he comes back and says, OK, go pay your fine and you can go.

That's it?

He didn't have to tell me twice, I pay my fine; make it back to my car realizing the entire drama took about 80 minutes - most of it standing out in the cold rain.

Here's a quiz: How was I able to move so quickly through the court system?

Answer on last page.

What Is The "U" Factor?

As we live our lives there will be situations, events and drama because life is always under construction. We've chosen to call these situations the "U" Factor to represent the unexpected, the unplanned, and certainly the unwelcomed events that are always part of our lives in some form or fashion.

So, can we prepare for The "U" Factor?

First Things First,

Always Say A Prayer (ASAP);


then, become proactive with a Life Events Plan in place to help deal with The "U" Factor.

My grandmother was fond of saying "we're either experiencing a storm in our lives or about to enter one". Prepare for the storms of your life; "storms of your life", now that's a catchy name for a sit com and even catchier for a soap opera.

Life Events Planning

Think on this: How often do you back-up the data on your computer? Nightly? Weekly?

Why? What would happen if you don't perform backups on a consistent basis?

We all need a back-up in place, capable and ready for The "U" Factor, the "what if's", the "in the event" storms that are sure to come our way.

Now think of a Life Events Plan as a personal life back-up system; because like our computers, if something happens and we do not have reinforcements, we won't have a pleasant situation on our hands.

When faced with The "U" Factor we need something or someone to help us work on a solution instead of our working on the problem!

Here's a trick question - do you think the contractor building your dream home has a contingency plan for Mother Nature antics; a/k/a The "U" Factor?

Assurances And Back-ups...

"Pre-Paid Legal Services"

It's in the name; your Paid Legal membership does for attorney fees what major medical does for hospital and doctor bills - meaning that many of the legal services we need most are pre-paid through a monthly membership fee.

Think of other assurances we have in place such as homeowner's insurance, life insurance, auto-insurance, medical insurance, triple A, flood insurance and so on.

Our legal membership plan is a tool helping us with our everyday life events such as having a contract reviewed for a cell phone purchase, leasing an auto, executing a will, having legal representation for a speeding ticket or starting and growing your home-based business (yes, there's a plan(s) for your business.

How about the ease of just picking up the phone and speaking with our attorney to get an opinion about a legal matter?

Because of our coined "U" Factor for the storms, it inspires a confidence that is empowering to know help is available when needed.

Identity Theft...

The name says it all...IDENTITY THEFT - but do you know that identity theft is considered a blue collar crime and if your identity is stolen and abused, you are basically on your own.

We all know the need for guarding our precious and not as private as we might think information. We try not to think about the unpleasant situation we'll face if someone abuses our identity - now there is help...

What Is The Identity Theft Shield?

What is a shield? A shield is a person or thing that protects. The Identity Theft Shield is a tool that helps protect...

If you don't have some kind of mechanism in place for help with The "U" Factor - do it today. A legal membership plan can help you with this fast growing crime that is happening all around us.

It's not so much "if", it's most likely "when" you'll need help; prepare yourself and your family with reinforcements for The "U" Factor


"Prevention Is Better Than Cure"


Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Protection - New "Red Flag Rule", effective November 1, 2008 - check it out and be informed...

Is There Power Without Use?

Check out the following true statement…

“You, know, I really need to start taking advantage of all of the insurances I have”.

This was said doing a recent conversation with a Pre-Paid Legal member. This member failed to realize, nor had embraced the many uses available to him and his family by taking advantage of his membership.

In the almost 6 years of his membership, he purchased a home, started and continues to run a home-based business, added an addition to his family, and paid a hefty court fine for driving over the speed limit in a residential district.

Amazingly, his Pre-Paid Legal Plan could have assisted him with all these ordinary LIFE events.

You can believe that today, he and his family are utilizing all the benefits his membership provides.

Conditioning For Growth..

What are some of the possible reasons this member did not use his Pre-Paid Legal membership services?

Is it that we are just not accustomed to the luxury of having legal guidance at our fingertips? We need to condition ourselves to take advantage of this valuable resource for the everyday storms in our lives.

We can decide to view our legal membership for what it is, "help" for dealing with life's nuisances, aptly called "The "U" Factor!

Now - Let's See If You Were Paying Attention?

Take this quiz and claim your prize...

Question -- What's as important as medical insurance if you're sick?

Answer-- Legal service if you need legal assistance! A Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., and subsidiaries membership gives you the ability to access professional legal services at a fraction of the usual cost

We also take away the worry and frustration of locating a lawyer who can help, no matter what the problem. Question-- What do you get when you're a Pre-Paid Legal Member?

Answer-- Confidence in your daily decisions. Peace of mind with your personal affairs. Security for your family. Protection of your legal rights. Advice from courteous and concerned attorneys with answers to your questions.

Question-- What can we do to learn more about being proactive in protecting our identity?

-- Learn about Pre-Paid Legal Identify Theft Product and how it will work for your and your family!

Question-- What Has Unlimited Capacity To Help?

-- Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Because if it's a Pre-Paid Legal product - it works!

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Looking For A Few Good Entrepreneurs!

Answer to Court Drama

1. The lawyers and their clients were first on the agenda.

2. The average individual will not know how to properly present ourselves before a Court; lawyers are trained and know the correct method to maneuver through the legal system. A Place To Go For Help When You Need It!

Belief in the Strength of I AM!

TR Johnson
Real Estate/Small Business Educator & Notary