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Neighborhoods Street Signs:

Note What Kind Of Businesses Are Operating In The Neighborhood

--Good: Arthur A. Wutherington IV, Investment Banker

----Bad: Earl's All Night Nude Revue & Motorcycle Repair

Note What The Neighborhood Youths Are Doing

--Good: Selling lemonade

---Bad: Selling you your rear wheels back

Note What Kind Of Names The Local Streets Have

--Good: Jasmine View Court Terrace

---Bad: Interstate 95

Note What Kind of Bumper Stickers The Neighborhood Cars Have


---Bad: "I Love MY PIT BULL"

Note The Types Of Neighborhood Social Activities

--Good: Barbecues

---Bad: Cockfights...

The above taken from the book "Homes and Other Black Holes"

By Dave Barry

I found this book interesting with a different spin on so many normal real estate issues and situations.


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Powertude™ (shop) Experience...

Powertude™ - that's the bottom line!

The 12 Rules For Being Human

The "12 Rules For Being Human"; also called "Welcome To The Jungle" is amazing. I have read it many times and would like to share it with you - it will brighten your day...

Welcome To The Jungle (Of Life)

More Real Estate Funny...

Selling Real Estate

A Poem

Father, I thank you for the skillful and godly wisdom needed in offering my house to be sold. I am preparing my house in excellence that it may be beautiful and desirable as though I am preparing it for your habitation. I am asking a fair and competitive market price, and will not take advantage of a potential buyer.

Father, I ask that you prepare and send a ready, willing and able buyer to purchase my house. A person who has the funds available to pay the fair market value, pre-qualified and approved by a lending institution. One who has perfect timing of possession that fits into my need and his or hers.

Thank you for the going before me and preparing the way. In the name of Jesus, I seek and pursue peace, thanking you that the spirit of truth shall prevail in our deliberations. I declare and decree that everyone involved speaks truly, deals truly, and lives truly.

Should there be anything that is hidden, I ask that it be revealed and brought to the light. Truth and mercy are written upon the tablets of my heart, and I have favor, good understanding and high esteem in your sight and in the sight of the potential buyer. In the name of Jesus, AMEN.

Germaine Copeland

Murphy's Law Makes A Great Read...

Murphy's Real Estate Law

More Trivia Worth Exploring...

A Teach and Learn Recipe

By The Original "Bettering Our Best" Author...

Take time to teach others what you know.

Expect the best from everyone you meet.

Accept every person as a biological wonder.

Communicate faith, hope, and love with everyone.

Hear all sides of a discussion before drawing a conclusion.

Act "as if" you are an outstanding teacher and learner and it will always be a reality.

Network to grow and develop strengths.

Devote time to think, to do, and to act responsibly.

Love unconditionally all people.

Energize yourself to be enthusiastic about the importance of the teaching/learning process.

Assist the needy without expectation of a reward.

Revitalize yourself to reinforce others to excel.

Nurture the good in all people and eliminate their shortcomings.

From Self-Esteem Enhancers - Inner-Directed Guidelines for Successful Living by Virgie M. Binford and Dorothy N.Cowling

Business Matters...

www.home-tips-for-consumers is about empowering home consumers and small business owners too.

Check out this Murphy's Commerce Laws ...

The Funny & (Often) True Side of Business...

Although the Five Minute Management Course is presented in a fun and light manner; its morals (lessons) are right on point - enjoy and learn!

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