Women Practicing Extreme self-Care


First, let's break this down - Women Practicing Extreme self-Care (WPEC) is an active commitment to self-care through self-exploration and self-development. Learning to take GOOD care of ourselves is a good thing because it keeps us in the center of our own lives.

"My greatest realization was that life is not composed of unconnected segments - the economic life, the emotional life, the spiritual life, the parental life, etc. - but is the sum total of them all. If one part is out of balance, then the whole is disrupted. No single piece should become more powerful than the whole".

By Gladys Edmunds

"There's no business Like Your Own Business.

Self-Esteem -- A Powerful Tool...

WPEC - Home & Living

Women are nurturers; we grow by building relationships and connections - check our Home Connectors

Our Strength Comes From Within

WPEC - Business & Career

View the business arena as a game you will play well and enjoy playing when you know the Rules Of The Game!

Think about your learning, your experiences, your mistakes - use them to grow a caring business - check this out and Use Your Life Assets For Growth!

Is There A Place For Women's Intuition In Business?

"Intuition is the ability to be aware of what's happening around you at the moment. It means listening for the tiniest nuances of a particular situation, knowing how to read body and mind signals, and your own signals, too.

Intuition is one of the most powerful tools women have in the marketplace. To use it, all you have to do is listen -- not just with your ears, but with your gut".

Play Like A MAN Win Like A Woman

Gail Evans...


Just what is Woman's Intuition - and does it only reside in, for or about women? Check This Intuition Thing

Notes from "The Star Bucks Experience"

5 Principles for building a strong personal & business foundation...

1. Make It Your Own

Because we are unique; our style and business culture will have its own uniqueness.

Two executives with identical office floor plans; each will enhance their office to reveal their individual style and manner of doing business.

#2 Everything Matters

Think about the unseeing; we may not know what's behind the scene - we may just be privy to the results; so should it matter how things are handled?

Absolutely, - no one else may know; but we know and that should matter most. You have undoubtedly heard that what is done in the dark eventually comes to light.

#3 Surprise & Delight

There is a saying floating around about under-promise so you can over-deliver, I say forget that - care enough about your customers by finding ways to improve and make their experiences with you and your business not only worthwhile, but surprisingly delightful.

4. Embrace Resistance

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it - and who wants easy anyway! When we work hard to realize our dreams; we then know we are deserving of the accolades we receive; especially our own pat on the back.

5. Leave Your Mark

Now; this is the last one and a favorite, why, because we should always let them know we've been there!

These 5 principles are solid principles worthy of focused consideration as a way to position ourselves for growth!

The body of these principles are our thoughts because they are in line with our business acumen as well as the philosophy of The Powertude™ Woman.

Now it's your turn - take these 5 principles and make them your own; you are in for an enlightening and rewarding exercise.

Several Great Organizations

1. The Women's Small Business MeetupGroup

2. Women of Action - North Fulton & South Forsyth

3. The Business Owners Professionals Group

4. Solely4women.org
(international virtual women's chamber of commerce)

5. www.infoforwomen.org

6. www.ThePowertudeWoman.com

7. www.smartwomanguides.com

8. Bizwomen
(american city business journals)

9. www.Iloveskirt.com

10. www.diva preneur.org

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Developing YOU ...

As The Powerful & Empowering

Woman You Are!

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