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Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Life; the university that never closes!

"Knowledge must forever govern ignorance, and a people who would be their
own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.
Popular government, without popular information, or the means of
acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy--or perhaps both."

James Madison, 1815

We all realize that knowledge with utility improves our lives.

Home consumers, please realize that the best time to learn about the housing market is

before ...starting "the search”;

before ...commitments are made to any realty professionals; and,

...certainly, before committing to the "dream" home.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Anticipatory preparation is a better road to success than stumbling around grabbing at bits
and pieces of knowledge here and there. Why?
Successful results starts with a thought and visualization by anticipating success
through a plan of consistent purposeful activity ( CPA System).

Our Lessons Stretch Us; Teach & Change Us...

Our Lessons GROW Us!

The cost of our lessons will take many forms; wasted time, effort and energy;
frustration, high anxiety, and, of course, money.

We can choose to become pro-active and pay the cost up front, before we find
ourselves in the middle of the lesson trying to "make it work".

Now, understand that making it work can get our goals accomplished; however,
a more effective way is to aim for success by preparing for success.

At all times, we are all continual learners; a Powertude™ Principle here...
Continual Learners
and educators, we must be diligent and proactive in order
to deal with life's changes head on. We must recognize that life brings different situations and
that the uniqueness of each situation in itself is a lesson to be learned.

Embrace the fact that we will always have lessons and that these lessons will always cost!

Change, A Constant of Life...

Each new season grows from the leftovers from the past.
That is the essence of change and change is the basic law.

Hal Borland

More information about the Power of Lessons can be found in The Trivia Channel.
Check out 12 Rules For Being Human; a thought-provoking and delightful read...

12 Rules For Being Human

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Yes, lessons cost, so does ignorance! We make the decision how and
when to pay because payment will be made! Life is full of choices -
choose to pay up front out of inspiration
or pay later out of desperation.

What Is A Resource?

A great resource knows that solutions calls for a problem-solving attitude;
we consider ourselves such a resource; capable and able to assist you!
Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

A good resource strives for a win-win in all dealings because
successful endings always produce multiple winners!


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From TR

It is evident more so today than ever before that the need to know
never goes away - true for professionals and consumers. This need to know is evident
from the correcting we are experiencing in the housing market today.

My love for my chosen profession, the people involved and an appreciation for learning has
culminated in www.home-tips-for-consumers.com. It is my desire
that you find this site informative and helpful whether buying or selling a house or growing your business.

A real estate career, you?
A real estate career can be a very rewarding and worthwhile pursuit; why, because
everyone has to live somewhere and what is more important than a home of our own?

For more information, check this...
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Please learn more about TR for consideration when you need help with your housing matters.

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From The Original "Bettering Our Best" Author...

As educators and advocates for success and a work in progress, please share your thoughts
on how we can "better our best". Know that your comments are
sincerely valued and always appreciated.

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