What's In It For My Customers?

We can all relate to the WIIFM station, why, because we all pay close attention to What's In It For ME.

Well there's a new sheriff in town (oops - that's another article)...

OK, not a new sheriff or even a new station, but a potential million dollar question worthy of serious consideration.

As entrepreneurs, and especially homepreneurs, we need to visit this question often because the answer today may not be the correct answer for tomorrow.

Find out what your customers want. Learn the answer to this potential million dollar question; so you can give them what they want.

What's In It For My Customers?

Develop a WIIFMC mentality for maintaining and growing your business. Implement a method to solicit feedback from your customers. A questionnaire or maybe a survey, some type of vehicle to get the answer to this million dollar question...check this to see if it works... Customer Service Survey.

Customer first is always the name of the game; find ways to empower your customers and remember our clients and customers are a reflection of us!

More Thoughts To Consider:

Profits should never be above quality offerings;

Realize your customers are people first, treat them special by finding creative ways to connect and provide lasting value.

Make yours a caring enterprise by building mutually rewarding relationships.

These are a few to consider as you grow and improve your business; make it a habit to add to this list daily...


"The Million Dollar Question".

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