Why For Realtors Only?

Why For Realtors Only is titled to grab your attention.
Did it work - are you paying CLOSE attention?

Now, Why For Realtors Only suggests exclusivity and sets the stage for curiosity and further exploration. You were curious, right?

View this section as a sharing mechanism for all of us to explore and learn about the real estate profession.

Learning leads to understanding and helps to strengthen relationships. The many facets of the housing equation require continuous streams for educating and communicating.

Why For Realtors Only is one such stream for home consumers, Realtors and all of us who expects to grow.

A Realtor's Idealism...

We’re self-motivated and driven by a determined attitude to succeed.

We are proactive; we make things happen because we won’t survive by waiting and then reacting.

We strive for quality in our work ethic through our attitude and approach to our profession. We constantly seek new ways to improve realizing that self-development allows us to bring more value to the table.

We care about the well-being of our clients and always allow their goals to take center stage; as we strive to make a positive difference in their lives.

We recognize our weaknesses by working hard to improve by realizing the the learning never ends; and that that our growth is in our hands.

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A Realtors Idealism is a "perfect" make-up of a quality, caring and committed Real Estate Professional. It is the idealism I strive for in conducting my business.

Another title, "My Business Pledge" could work as well.

Selling - A Unique Profession

How can we motivate others?

The answer is Yes, everyday people are selling products and services that are inferior and don't provide the benefits they claim. This type of selling attitude gives the business of selling a sour taste.

We must sell ourselves first by knowing that what we offer will make a positive impact in people lives. Selling is caring enough to help people understand the pros and cons of what we offer so they can make informed decisions that are right for them. Check out the operative words "right for them"!

The American Dream of homeownership is strong and demand the services of dedicated, knowledgeable and caring professionals.

Selling, something we all do is an attitude and belief in the power of what you offer, you sell yourself by way of helping someone.

Allow me to suggest a wonderful book, titled "Selling Among Wolves". The book is a great read because it makes you realize that selling is about life, spirituality and business - it encompasses all we do.

I've read this book often and each time I discover something new and useful - why not check it out for yourself?

A Tidbit Of Selling Among Wolves .........Enjoy!

Mind Your Business Manners

Since we are (still) on the subject of selling, allow me to share with you a article about a sales strategy of "not making promises to customers".

Did I read that correctly? Not making promises to clients and customers?

Reading the article again; it clearly suggested a tactic of under-promising in order to seemingly over-deliver. What?

This under promise strategy is not the way to build a business. A "just getting by" technique is not conducive to building quality relationships.

Remember, we are businesspeople and consumers as well. We expect the best when we are on the receiving end; therefore, we must perform our best and provide quality products and services always.

Do not make false promises to get someone's business, make commitments and hold yourself accountable for the outcome.

Yes, as we live our lives, things will happen so that sometimes promises and commitments fall short (never forget Murphy's Law). When faced with this type situation, handle it upfront in an honest and professional manner because most often people will understand. Then we can then move forward and complete the task at hand.

Remember, selling is based on strong personal values and principles; common sense for the intelligent and focused businessperson; and not just For Realtors Only.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Good manners are more than "please" and "thank you" because the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

Promises and Solutions...

In exploring new web site upgrades, I read about a company with "systems" to build and host a great website, as well as provide tools to help grow my business. The advertising contained strong testimonials from many satisfied customers.

I was intrigued, especially with the 30-day money back guarantee and the claim that there was no other process like this, so, I made a purchase decision.

Surprise, surprise! Every promise made was delivered and then some. I am completely satisfied and who knows, you may see my testimony in their next ad, but wait, this is my testimony.

Realtors, we are business owners constantly looking for ways to improve and grow our business, check out the following - definitely worth a few minutes of exploring...

14 Power TIPS To Explode Your Business!

This, for Realtors Only, check it out...

Real Estate

More information not just For Realtors Only, but any business owner realizing helpful information may come from many different sources such as My Business Mentor.

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Exploring is not only fun, it's very rewarding...

Use Proper Tools

Work with proper tools! Use the articles, resources and information in The Business Library; a viable tool and resource that fits a business owner's tool box well.

As with any viable resource it is always expanding so check it out often...

More tools to use:

Real Estate and Home Buying News

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It's Closing Time...

The title "It's Closing Time" reminds me the way my Pastor proclaims "It's Giving Time" in a loud and cheerful voice, making it a special and joyous occasion - it (Giving) Is.

OK... The new owners are moving in and everyone is happy. Whew, time for a chill pill. Wait, there is another important detail left; the awesome decision of a closing gift...

Time to pull out the old "thinking cap" and decide what would make a great closing gift for this family?

Many Realtors often give tangible "things" for closing gifts. Let's see, I've given out brass door knockers, beautiful calendars with the new owners' names and new address engraved on it for all to see.

Stacks of "our new home" postcards, beautiful flowers, huge fruit baskets, coffee table books with titles like "Great Wines of Europe" (with my business card neatly taped inside so they'll think of me every time they look at the book); surely they will show it and tell all their friends who will agree what a special and thoughtful agent to give such a special gift right!.

How about the subscriptions to home magazines? Great because every time they receive another copy they'll think of me, their agent, right - right?

Or, the beautiful tropical plant that fit perfectly in the bay window until---

What Is The Common Factor?

If you chose #7, great, you get it!

All of the above items are wonderful gifts; however, none of them create lasting value for our clients.

Think Outside The Box...

Decide to be different!

What if there was a service product that had a long-term life expectancy for your clients, something they could use over and over; something they would want to use over and over?

Something that would benefit the entire family and provide a high level of confidence so when the unexpected, the unwanted and the unwelcome life drama occur...

There is help!

Dare to be different and decide to empower the families you help with a gift that will truly make a difference in their lives; one that becomes a conduit for future use as well as help with solutions.

21 Advantages

Thoughts Influence Power...TIPS

Thinking outside the box is passe, ditch the box and open yourself to
unlimited possibilities by becoming
A Possibility Phenomena, Powertude™ Principle #1.

Now, my fellow Realtors, I don't know if you THINK like me,
I try to stay open to exploring
NEW opportunities that will improve my livelihood!
CHECK THIS OUT... Great Work Plan!

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