Now, here is a great suggestion. Why not talk to one of the top law firms in the state so that you know that the advice you're getting is second to none. Our Georgia provider law firm Deming, Parker, Hoffman, Green, Campbell & Daly, LLC ( is standing by for our members to give great advice and to handle any and all legal matters for them if you'd like them to. They actually become your law firm, and as a Pre-Paid Legal member you are their most important client. Best of all its far less expensive than you can imagine.

Membership in our Expanded Family Plan including our Identity Theft Shield is only $35.95 per month plus a one-time $10.00 enrollment fee.

To give you a little more background about our company and services please visit There are two videos on this site. Please watch the first which describes the services and then click on the “TV Documentary” green button in the bottom left hand corner to watch the special documentary about Pre-Paid Legal that aired on Court TV.

For more information, please .

Once there, click on the Family Legal Service Plans and Identity Theft Shield and view the information including the videos.

These short videos will also give you a great deal of information about our company and the benefits of being a Pre-Paid Legal member.

Many of our members find that the best features of our Pre-Paid Legal plan are our Preventive Legal Services. From time to time we all have situations that come up and just being able to have an attorney available can to answer questions can eliminate problems down the road.

For example, have you ever;

Ø Been overcharged for a repair,

Ø Tried to return a defective product,

Ø Lost a security deposit,

Ø Signed a contract?

Ø Not been paid for goods or services

Or have you ever;

Ø Received a traffic ticket,

Ø Been audited by the IRS,

Ø Purchased a home,

Ø Prepared a will?

We make it really easy for you to be able to have the full services of a great law firm at great savings. Very often, choosing the right law firm is very difficult. We make the processes much easier for you because we have already done the research to find the best law firms in each state. We also have a very strong customer services department whose sole purpose is to make sure that you are happy with the service that you are receiving from your lawyer.

The Legal Shield

One of our most important features is our Legal Shield Rider. No matter what the situation, no matter what time of day or night, you will have access to an attorney in emergency situations.

The Company

By the way, our company, which is a 36 year old New York Stock Exchange company, is so highly thought of in many legal circles that we actually have a board of advisors which is headed by three former State Attorneys Generals who are also members and use our services. Certainly none of these individuals would lend their names and reputations to anything less than an outstanding company and legal plan.

After reviewing this information, call me at 404-840-9420.


Forbes Magazine on its website recently published comments that its subscribers wrote into them in response to their reporting of the Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. quarterly earnings report. Here is what some of our members had to say:

Why Now?

Carpe D - seize the moment...

Check These Posts...

Posted by ProActive08 | 07/29/08 02:25 PM EDT

Asset Protection Program. I've been a Pre-Paid Legal Services member since 1997. I have found as I look at my own personal asset protection program that my Pre-Paid Legal (PPL) Services membership fills a typically big hole in my (and could in anyone's) asset protection plan (along with other measures such as insurance, etc...).

Not just that, but being able to call my attorneys either in CA or across the country as if I was talking to a friend (at no additional cost) is also a major benefit to being a PPL member!

My wife and I love our PPL membership coverage and will always have it to cover our assets.

Posted by lazeekds | 07/29/08 01:01 PM EDT

Prepaid Legal is incredible! We have now had the service for 5 years and they have helped us in so many ways, we could write a book. For instance: they helped us settle a claim against someone and saved us over $200K in attorney's fees, we have no moving violations on our licenses (teenagers and leadfoot wife!), and they've saved us an unknown amount by looking over contracts that would have legally bound us to nonsense. All for a small monthly fee! WE LOVE THEM~!

Posted by TalkToday | 07/29/08 01:00 PM EDT

My family has had these services since January 2005, has saved us over $9,000 and we have used them 36 different times. My month-to-month membership fee has never increased! Because of this membership my spouse and I have our finally love letters in place for our children [our WILLS]. And we didn't have to hire an attorney in our state AND the state where an e-bay buyer tried to claim they never received the goods they bought from us. Pre-paid Legal Services helped us. We love these services and will never cancel this. When I first heard of this I thought, why have it, I never needed the help of a lawfirm/attorney before. I didn't realize the daily issues I faced that would have bettered the outcome, just be being able to call and find out what my rights are. With 5 kids and some of them starting to drive my insurance goes up, but not my Pre-Paid Legal membership! My kids can even call the lawfirm! As it has helped my family immensely, I hope others will look at it for their families. Oh, it is great for individuals too.


Posted by artiii | 07/29/08 12:44 PM EDT

Pre Paid Legal Rocks! I have had it for 5 years and would not live without it. The identity theft protection alone is all the reason to pay for the service. The rest of the stuff is priceless as well. I have been receiving legal advice for free now and now can share it with other families and feel good about it too! Albert

Posted by Panama_Investor | 07/29/08 12:06 PM EDT

I have a membership and one time I had a difficulty closing a loan. There was a problem with my client having Identity confusion with another person with the same name. I tried to clear the matter up with the title company, the lawyer representing the other person and after 9 days of delays and missing a closing I contacted the Prepaid Legal Law Firm. The attorney gave me a simple statement to read to the title company and they issued a policy the very next morning saving me the loan and a potential loss of $1,200.00 had I not met the closing date. Thanks Prepaid Legal Services, INC.

Posted by Milosz_B | 07/29/08 11:45 AM EDT

Great Company led by some incredible leadership. I've had the service for over 3 yrs. now and would not be caught dead without it. Pre-Paid Legal is a god send to many individuals who can't afford attorneys for everyday legal problems.


Posted by joroco | 07/29/08 09:16 AM EDT

Great!! Sold our family home this past year and the attorneys at PPL helped me save thousands with my Taxes. I've been a member since 1998 and love having access to top attorneys for whatever question/legal my whole family may have. Having 3 kids in other states and knowing PPL is there 'just in case' me security/peace of mind. Also an associate and being able to provide this same service to others is wonderful. joroco @

Posted by BevDFaith | 07/29/08 12:07 AM EDT Glad to see PPL is doing well in this bad economy. In these economic times, everyone should check their services out. I joined about a year ago. I joined because lawyers quoted me $2000 for 7 legal issues and PPL did it all for about $200, which I paid over the year. One satisfied customer... Beverly RI

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